Q. Who Is Ellen Skerritt?

A. Ellen Skerritt has been racing competitive road cycling since she was 15 years old. Once a hobby, it has now evolved into a full-time addiction and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides training 25 hours + on the bike each week, Ellen also includes gym and core strengthening into her routine, whilst balancing work part-time and study.  Throughout Ellen’s life, sport has always been a huge part of it. Ellen is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, enjoys being outdoors and enjoys the challenge of trying new things. Ellen would describe herself as independent, focused, determined and sometimes a little bossy.

“My long-term goals include being a gold-medalist at Commonwealth and Olympic Games and World Championships.” – Ellen Skerritt

 Q. How did you get started in cycling?

A. As a kid I was always involved in a wide-range of sports; anything from gymnastics to long distance running.  In 2009, I began competing in a few triathlons and at the same time through family and friends I met Ross McEwen who introduced me to his brother Robbie who graciously organised a bike for me as my interest in the sport grew.   At the time it was just a hobby but has now evolved into a full-time commitment!

Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have?

A. I thoroughly enjoy playing Touch Football and Tennis and am a serious contender at Lawn Bowls. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading and writing on my blog.

Q. Biggest Cycling Result:

A. I would say it is still yet to come but so far my biggest result was taking GC at National Capital Tour within the National Road Series in 2014.

Q. Happiest Cycling Memory:

A. When I was a kid we used to go on family bike rides every other Sunday and afterwards would indulge in a large all-you-can-eat breakfast. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday!

Q. Why the High5 Dream Team:

A. I believe it will be the most professionally set-up women’s team within Australia and will help raise the caliber of racing to a new level on the Australian circuit.

Q. What do you think about this exciting new project managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae Szalinski:

A. It is very exciting that the team is run by two women who were previously very successful within the cycling scene- both domestically and internationally. Together they both have big dreams for the future of women’s cycling and it is exciting to be part of this new project – especially when opportunities can  be limited.

Q. What are your expectations:

A. I have big expectations and I see myself as a key contender among the best riders in the world.

Q. Loves:

A. Hiking, Traveling, Meeting new people, Becoming more knowledgeable.

Q. Hates:

A. Cold weather, Boats, Lazy People!

Q. Favourite Pre-race meal:

A. Cake!

Q. Favourite Post race meal:

A. It really doesn’t get better than pasta…

Q. Goals for this NRS season:
  • Stage win’s at NRS tours and One-day races.
  • Top 3 on GC at NRS Tours.
  • To take GC of Overall NRS 2015.
Q. If you could win one of the NRS races this year, what would they be?

A. If I could win one Tour within NRS it would have to be Mersey Valley Tour. It is realistic because it is suited my style of racing and I would be very proud because it is one of the toughest tours of the year!

Q. Goals for the short- and long term?

A. My short-term goals are to win the u23 Time Trial at Nationals 2015 and also to be a key contender in the Elite Women’s Nationals Road Race. In addition, I would like to be more involved within the cycling scene and help improve the future of women’s cycling.   I am also aiming to go OS and experience international racing in 2015.

My long-term goals include being a gold-medalist at Commonwealth and Olympic Games and World Championships.

Twitter: @EllenSkerritt94