Q: Who is Jessica Mundy?

A. Jessica Mundy (Jess) is a 20 year old athlete from Adelaide. .

Q. How did you get started in cycling?

A. At the age of 11 I was introduced to cycling through my primary school. One of the parents introduced us to the track this is where I first began. From there we purchased a racing license and I haven’t stopped riding since.

Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have:

A. Previously I played soccer and spent a lot of time swimming at a younger age but I found cycling makes it very hard to have time for any other sports now. Sometimes I like to draw in my spare time.

Q. Biggest Cycling Result:

A. Going back to back in the Australian Madison Championships with Nettie.

Q. Happiest Cycling Memory:

A. Being able to race around the Champs-Élysées at La course last year with the Australian team it was an amazing experience and the atmosphere was phenomenal.

Q. Why the High5 Dream Team:

A. Fantastic opportunity to be apart of this new NRS team I look forward to racing with a group of great riders.

Q. What do you think about this exciting new project managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae Szalinski:

A. I think this will be an exciting opportunity to work along side Donna and Rochelle given their knowledge and experience within Australia and overseas racing.

Q. What are your expectations:

A. To enjoy the experience and represent this team to the best of my abilities.

Q. Loves:

A. Being positive and having great team mates that support each other as well as being able to gain as much experience as possible.

Q. Hates:

A. Well I would have to say that when riding the bike in spring those swooping magpies are always to be avoided not a fan of the dive bomb and head winds on recovery rides.

Q. Favourite Pre-race meal:

A. Can’t really say I have a favourite pre race meal it tends to change.

Q. Favourite Post race meal:

A. I like a good risotto I would say chicken and pumpkin is one of my favorites.

Q. Goals for this NRS season:

A. I would like to achieve some good  results this year and be a valued team member.

Q. If you could win one of the NRS races this year, what would they be?

A. Would have to say either one of the stages in Adelaide Tour or a stage in the Women’s Tour Down Under. It would be a great feeling to be in my home city.

Q. Goals for the short- and long term?

A. Short term: I would like to achieve some solid results in the NRS and race overseas.

Long term: Racing in a pro team in the UCI events overseas and being able to represent the country at the highest level of the sport.

Twitter: @JessicaMundy2