Q: Who is Kendelle Hodges?

A. Kendelle Hodges is a 23 year old from Monee Ponds, Victoria..

Q. How did you get started in cycling?

A. I always loved riding my bike and when introduced to racing through a school competition I decided I wanted to race. I started racing both track and road with the Brunswick cycling club when I was 15.

Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have:

A. I am studying nutrition part time while I race.

Q. Biggest Cycling Result:

A. Winner of Tour of Murray 2014

Q. Happiest Cycling Memory:

A. Whenever I am riding along the great ocean road with friends. It is my favourite place to ride.

Q. Why the High5 Dream Team:

A. What an incredible team to be apart of. The support we have gained for a womens NRS team is fantastic and I can’t wait to start racing with the other girls. Rochelle and Donna are backing us 100% and with brands such as High5 a world leader in sports nutrition behind us it is going to be a great year.

Q. What do you think about this exciting new project managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae Szalinski:

A. I feel very lucky to have the support from two incredibly knowledgeable and respected women in the sport of women’s cycling. It shows how much this sport means to them and the growth and potential they can see within Australia providing an NRS team that will be of the highest level.

Q. What are your expectations:

A.I expect that this team will be well run and professional. Everyone in the team has ambitions to further their cycling and with a group of likeminded girls together I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

Q. Loves:

A. Beach, Summer, coffee, racing, my dog jack.

Q. Hates:

A. Cold showers

Q. Favourite Pre-race meal:

A. Home made cream rice with sultanas. I often have this for breakfast before racing as well.

Q. Favourite Post race meal:

A. Most things taste great after finishing a race when you are hungry and exhausted. Can’t say I have one thing I always look forward to.

Q. Goals for this NRS season:

A. I would love to win another tour and support my teammates in doing the same.

Q. If you could win one of the NRS races this year, what would they be?

A. The tour of Adelaide is growing to be a fantastic tour and one I came 3rd in last year. I would love to race well here again and win.

Q. Goals for the short- and long term?

A. This year I hope to continue to improve and in the coming years I would love to race in Europe.

Twitter: @kendelle_hodges