Q: Who is Sam de Riter?

A. Samantha de Riter (Sam) has a Dutch background. She began cycling at the age of 3 after spending some time racing long course triathlons. Her first coach, Stu McKenzie helped her to achieve some successful NRS results in 2013, which progressed to a scholarship with the Victorian Institute of Sport. Since then she has been working with the VIS to recover from a complicated back injury. She has worked hard off the bike to make a successful return and is looking forward to a great season with the High5 Dream Team.

Q. How did you get started in cycling?

A. I started racing triathlons as a part of my curriculum at University, I was hooked immediately.  I purchased my first road bike and began racing some Gatorade triathlons and eventually raced in the Geelong Half Ironman in 2009.  That same year I trained up and competed in Busselton Full Ironman, that was a tough day!  After every race it was apparent that I had a stronger leg in the sport so I decided to throw away the swimming and running and concentrate purely on cycling.

Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have:

A. Growing up I had a go of just about every sport!  I played basketball up until my late teens before giving it away to study.  Later on I began triathlon before transferring to cycling.  Since starting cycling, I’ve been very focussed.  I now enjoy more leisurely hobbies like watching movies, cooking and spending time with my friends and family drinking coffee!  I have been known to chuck on my runners when my coach isn’t looking and head out into the world to clear my head!

Q. Biggest Cycling Result:

A. Without a doubt the best memory I have so far, is my win in the Mersey Valley Tour.  It was my first NRS win and something I will cherish forever.

Q. Happiest Cycling Memory:

A. Some of my happiest cycling memories I have, have been on my favourite training loop close to home.  The feeling of freedom I get when riding out in the middle of nowhere, there is no other feeling like it in the world.  I get to tour around some of the best scenery the world has to offer on a bike.  I really appreciate the environment and love how different pockets of the country all have their own distinct features and characteristics.

Q. Why the High5 Dream Team:

A. I feel privileged to be part of the high 5 dream team, especially in its first year running. It provides a fantastic pathway for Australian Women’s Cycling.

Q. What do you think about this exciting new project managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae Szalinski:

A. This project is a fantastic initiative at a time when women’s cycling seemed to be struggling for support.  Both Rochelle and Donna are extremely experienced and I am very excited to be working with them.

Q. What are your expectations:

A. My expectations and hopes are to see the support for women’s cycling continue to grow, for more individuals and organisations to be inspired by our sport and more women to feel comfortable and enticed to participate on all levels.

Q. Loves:

A. Sunshine, Chocolate, good tunes, the hills! The beach, a good book, mangos

Q. Hates:

A. Rain, Winter, a bad attitude!!! Oh and Oysters!

Q. Favourite Pre-race meal:

A. I always like to race on a bowl of oats with smashed banana, cinnamon and dates.

Q. Favourite Post race meal:

A. Probably Pizza and a block of Lindt chocolate!

Q. Goals for this NRS season:

A. Personally, to work on some of my weaknesses and pull offa stage win for the team!  I look forward to supporting my team mates in the races they’re targeting and for the team to gel and work well together to achieve consistent results for the season.

Q. If you could win one of the NRS races this year, what would they be?

A. Definitely Mersey Valley!  It’s such a tough and unrelenting tour!

Q. Goals for the short- and long term?

A. My short term goals are to race the Cadels race with the High5 Dream chicks and be selected to race overseas later in the year.  Long term, I look to achieving a professional contract in Europe and representing Australia at a World Championships Event.

Twitter: @Sam_deRiter