Q: Who is Tessa Fabry?

A. I am Tess, I am 26, I grew up in a small country town called Kerang in northern Victoria, but have lived in Melbourne for the past 8 years. I started racing in 2013 after doing a few different things over the years. I have a degree in Communication Design and am also currently studying Urban Planning. I worked as a swimming coach for quite a few years and am also a freelance photographer.

Q. How did you get started in cycling?

A. It all started around 4 years ago when a friend of mine helped me build up a fixed gear bike. I mostly just rode to get around and did occasional social rides. In 2012 I went travelling through Europe and decided to try touring on my fixie, which was probably the most inappropriate bike for that purpose, but it was an amazing experience regardless. When I got home quite a few of my friends had moved on to riding road bikes, so I followed suit and really enjoyed the challenge of doing longer rides and going up hills as fast as I could. After discovering I had some talent in this area, I just had to try racing.

Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have:

A. I don’t really do any other sports at the moment unless you count other types of riding. I do a bit of cyclocross and mountain biking and still occasionally ride my fixie. I have done quite a few different sports over the years, as a teenager, I was a competitive swimmer and also did athletics, netball and basketball. I  also played Aussie Rules Football for a couple of years and love surfing whenever I’m able to spend any time on the beach. Aside from sport, I am a keen photographer, and also enjoy other creative pursuits such as painting and drawing, and also love to travel.

Q. Biggest Cycling Result:

A. Winning Battle on the Border NRS tour in 2014

Q. Happiest Cycling Memory:

A. My first cyclocross race: Dirty Deeds Cyclocross, ‘Spooky Cross 2013. I attended this cyclocross race with the intention of just spectating and hanging out with friends but decided on a whim to enter despite not owning a cyclocross bike. I raced it on my friends single speed commuter complete with front rack wearing denim shorts and a singlet. They had a single speed only race at the end of the day, which I raced and won. I was given a crown made from an old chainring which is probably the coolest trophy I have ever received.

Q. Why the High5 Dream Team:

A. I am really excited to be part of such a well supported team with a group of incredibly talented and experienced riders

Q. What do you think about this exciting new project managed by Rochelle Gilmore and directed by Donna Rae Szalinski:

A. I think this project will help raise the standard of racing in NRS and lift the profile of womens racing in Australia

Q. What are your expectations:

A. I am hoping that we will get some great results as a team and help to raise the level of racing in the womens NRS which is already getting more and more competitive each year.

Q. Loves:

A. When the light beams through the gaps in the trees while riding in the hills

Q. Hates:

A. Riding into a hot northerly wind in summer

Q. Favourite Pre-race meal:

A. As long as it comes with coffee everything will be ok

Q. Favourite Post race meal:

A. Just all of the food

Q. Goals for this NRS season:

A. I really want to win some road stages, I won a tour last year which was awesome, but I really want to be able put my hands in the air as a cross the finish line first.

Q. If you could win one of the NRS races this year, what would they be?

A. The Cadel Evans Road Race

Q. Goals for the short- and long term?

A. In the short term the most important thing is I want to learn as much as possible and keep improving my skills and fitness to help me achieve my long term goals. In the longer term I would like to race on a professional team and eventually win a big international race. I prefer to have quite broad goals as I still don’t know exactly what kind of rider I will turn out to be and I like to keep an open mind.

Twitter: @tessssssssy