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Month: January 2015

Q & A with Sam de Riter

Q: Who is Sam de Riter? A. Samantha de Riter (Sam) has a Dutch background. She began cycling at the age of 3 after spending some time racing long course triathlons. Her first coach, Stu McKenzie helped her to achieve some successful NRS results in 2013, which progressed to a scholarship with the Victorian Institute of Sport. Since then she has been working with the VIS to recover from a complicated back injury. She has worked hard off the bike to make a successful return and is looking forward to a great season with the High5 Dream Team. Q....

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Q & A with Kendelle Hodges

Q: Who is Kendelle Hodges? A. Kendelle Hodges is a 23 year old from Monee Ponds, Victoria.. Q. How did you get started in cycling? A. I always loved riding my bike and when introduced to racing through a school competition I decided I wanted to race. I started racing both track and road with the Brunswick cycling club when I was 15. Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have: A. I am studying nutrition part time while I race. Q. Biggest Cycling Result: A. Winner of Tour of Murray 2014 Q. Happiest Cycling Memory: A. Whenever I...

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Q & A with Jessica Mundy

Q: Who is Jessica Mundy? A. Jessica Mundy (Jess) is a 20 year old athlete from Adelaide. . Q. How did you get started in cycling? A. At the age of 11 I was introduced to cycling through my primary school. One of the parents introduced us to the track this is where I first began. From there we purchased a racing license and I haven’t stopped riding since. Q. Which other sports and hobbies do you have: A. Previously I played soccer and spent a lot of time swimming at a younger age but I found cycling makes it...

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Q & A with Ellen Skerritt

Q. Who Is Ellen Skerritt? A. Ellen Skerritt has been racing competitive road cycling since she was 15 years old. Once a hobby, it has now evolved into a full-time addiction and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides training 25 hours + on the bike each week, Ellen also includes gym and core strengthening into her routine, whilst balancing work part-time and study.  Throughout Ellen’s life, sport has always been a huge part of it. Ellen is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, enjoys being outdoors and enjoys the challenge of trying new things. Ellen would...

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